Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Organizing 101

Okay, my house is by no means "neat". I love to decorate and I love to organize. I won't let anyone else clean my son's room (my husband is happy about this) because I think that everything should have a specific place...puzzles with the puzzles, legos with the legos, train tracks with the trains. There is a really good reason for this, in that when my son wants to play with something that has several pieces to it, I don't want to hunting for pieces so that he can play. I'm definitely less anal about my daughter's room. She's nine and she has random "collections" of things that she holds sacred. I do have certain rules for her though, namely:
Everything has a specific place
No baskets, boxes or bags of "junk"
and Only 5 stuffed animals on her bad at any given time.
She cleans her room and I'm pretty much left with the rest of the house, so the easier on myself I can make it the better. I think that's why I LOVE organizing. It makes things easy AND it looks pretty.

I'm always on the look out for a new "system" or some kind of book or magazine that's going to tell me how to organize (like its some big mystery). Well, I recently came across a really cool blog. It's called "Just A Girl"...cute, right? Not only does she talk about her family, decorating and crafts, she has a really cool organizing section. For me, its like inspiration! Check out her favorite pictures of laundry rooms. They have inspired me to fix up my laundry room. Isn't this one great? I think I'll post some BEFORE pictures of my laundry room. I have a goal to make some changes before the new year. I'm thinking TEAL!

Click {here} to read her post about laundry (I can so relate!)

While you are there, check out Just A Girl. I have a feeling I'll be making several stops there myself.

Oooooh, and see if you can find the pictures of her craft rom that she re-did. Check out that super cute zebra rug!!! I WANT IT!!

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  1. I read her blog too! Haha, small {blogging} world!