Thursday, April 19, 2012

grab & go diaper clutch...yes!

I've always thought it would be a really good idea to make a diaper clutch. Something that I could just grab and go, for a quick trip to the market or to throw in a tote bag when I don't feel like lugging around the whole diaper bag.

Then today, it hit me..."I bet my new 10 inch Eve bag would work perfectly!" So I grabbed a handful of my new baby girl's diapers (four, to be specific) and the new travel pack of 75 wipes that I just bought (cute packaging, huh?).

Then I grabbed one of my 10 inch eve clutches. This one happens to be in the "vintage bouquet" fabric that I absolutely LOVE!

...and voila! A super cute, grab & go diaper clutch! And if you used a smaller package of wipes, you could even fit a wallet, sunglasses & a cell phone in there too. And have I mentioned that all of my Eve bags now feature an interior zipper pocket? Just perfect for your driver's license, credit card, a spare pacifier maybe? And you can even add a fabric handle if you wish! Check out the options {here}.

Mother's Day is approaching! What a perfect gift for any hip momma, huh? Love it!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

beso handbags for FIVE

My friend Toni has a lovely shop that she calls FIVE. Toni has the coolest style and I love her use of re-purposed and chic items for the home. She also started carrying amazing jewelry and accessories. And among her latest items is beso handbags. Toni and I worked together to design an eve bag exclusively for FIVE. 

Toni's store front is located inside the URBAN BARN, at 155 West Crest in Escondido, California. 

 {photo courtesy of the Urban Barn}

And since you're here, please take a moment to follow FIVE on facebook {HERE} as well as the URBAN BARN on facebook {HERE}. You can also follow Toni's blog {HERE}. Toni's blog is "FIVE...Blooms an inspired day, everyday life and home/craft ideas". Love it! Thanks, Toni, for including beso handbags in your beautiful shop!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I actually made something I pinned!

I admit it! I am in LOVE with Pinterest. So much so that I almost can't stand it. I look to Pinterest for recipes, inspiration, laughs...Pinterest makes me happy! So I would love to have you follow me on PINTEREST {and introduce you maybe, if you haven't been introduced already} and the plan is to post here on a weekly basis something that I have re-created from Pinterest. This week, it's the maxi dress. Eventually, I want to make one for myself and I already have the picture in my head of how it will look, but this one I made for my daughter. She loves it! And it was so easy! My very first time using elastic thread...and sewing a dress actually. Had I thought this out beforehand, I would have posted pictures of the steps in creating this super cute dress. But you'll be able to see them in the original blog post. Read that {HERE}. In the meantime, here it is...the cute, summery, maxi dress on my beautiful little {not so little any more} girl. 

Have you actually made anything that you pinned on Pinterest?