Wednesday, April 4, 2012

beso handbags for FIVE

My friend Toni has a lovely shop that she calls FIVE. Toni has the coolest style and I love her use of re-purposed and chic items for the home. She also started carrying amazing jewelry and accessories. And among her latest items is beso handbags. Toni and I worked together to design an eve bag exclusively for FIVE. 

Toni's store front is located inside the URBAN BARN, at 155 West Crest in Escondido, California. 

 {photo courtesy of the Urban Barn}

And since you're here, please take a moment to follow FIVE on facebook {HERE} as well as the URBAN BARN on facebook {HERE}. You can also follow Toni's blog {HERE}. Toni's blog is "FIVE...Blooms an inspired day, everyday life and home/craft ideas". Love it! Thanks, Toni, for including beso handbags in your beautiful shop!


  1. Thank you Johanna for being so talented to make these beautiful bags for Five… I am so excited to have them as part of Five's… collection.

  2. Thank YOU Toni! So excited to partner with such a talented friend! More bags coming soon...xoxo.