Friday, October 8, 2010

Jack-o-lantern Plans

Another great Fall bargain!! Whoo Hoo! So I went to our local Lowe's garden center to pick up some mums for my Fall display on my porch {pictured above}. And guess what? These huge pumpkins were $3.98 each. Lowe's calls them their "medium" pumpkin, but they're large to me. At a pumpkin patch these puppies would be at least fifteen bucks!! And I absolutely LOVE carving pumpkins too, so now we have 3 awesome jack-o-lanterns just waiting to be carved for halloween. Maybe this year I'll go a little Martha Stewart with my jack-o-laterns (we'll see...Caleb already says he wants to carve Yoda in one).

What jack-o-lantern plans do you have for your pumpkins this halloween?

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