Monday, October 25, 2010

A new taste of Fall

So, I wouldn't say that I am a great cook. I have a few things that I cook well, but I love trying new recipes and I REALLY love when they turn out yummy. I am also encouraged by my 9-year-old little food "daredevil" to try new things. For example, she's been begging me to try brussels sprouts! Yep! BRUSSELS SPROUTS!! And, it just so happens that in the latest issue of Country Living there were three recipes for cooking brussels sprouts. So I finally gave in, bought brussels sprouts (fresh & bulk, from Henry's) and tried one of the recipes. My family loved them!

Browsing one of my favorite recipe blogs, I came across a recipe for acorn squash. It looked rather "fallish" and I loved the fact that they were made with butter & brown sugar, so I thought I'd give it a shot. WOW! This recipe is definitely going in the favorites box. Loved this...almost like I was eating dessert for dinner. The kids even helped prepare them and they loved that because it was like they were carving out mini pumpkins a week before halloween. I served them with mini sirloin steaks and spinach salad. Yum!

The kids loved helping scoop out the goop & seeds!

before baking...

and after...delish!

Oh, and did I mention, its from! for a skinny AND delicious recipe!

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