Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend Market

I absolutely Love Etsy! I have so many favorite shops and so many favorite items bookmarked and I am constantly adding more. The creativity of the sellers I find there amaze and inspire me. I have even done a little bartering through etsy, and traded my bags for things that I've fallen in love with. So I've decided that every weekend I'm going to post five of my favorite recent finds from my favorite etsy shops, and share them with you (feel free to purchase these things for me if you are so inclined...hee, hee). This weekly feature will be my "Weekend Market".

These soaps are darling! The flowers look so real!

I am loving these wrap bracelets, but I absolutely love this one with the flower!

I totally need this pillow on my sofa for fall. I'm so tempted to use a large orange floral vintage fabric that I have to cover my big pillows and this would be the perfect accent.

I love how this cozy scarf is jersey knit! I love the color for fall and I love the ruffles!

I know just where I would put these books in my house. They are even in the color scheme of my family room...and I am loving vintage!


  1. Great picks, love the colors, oh and I might need one of those eye catching bracelets! :)


  2. Love Scarves!! I may need to add to my collection.

    I am amazed at those soaps.

    Looking forward to your discoveries!

  3. I totally love the soaps. Wouldn't they make a cute gift? Let's see...who can I buy for?